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Nick featured in Seventeen's May issue. Credit: Erica & Ariana @ JonasWorld.


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The Jonas Brothers were TRAPPED in an elevator for 45 minutes AFTER their performance at the Grove on Saturday: Joe told People: 'We were stuck in an elevator with eight people and Big Rob'. Kevin, 'It was a 21-person elevator.' Who panicked first? Joe, 'Me and Nick'.
Nick, 'I didn't panic. I just didn't have my [blood-sugar] checker with me. No one had it on them, and I was afraid that if [my blood-sugar level] went low in an elevator we wouldn't be able to do anything about it.'
Joe: 'It went from, 'Okay, this is hilarious, we're stuck in an elevator, okay press the button,' to 'This is crazy, okay, I can't breathe, this is insane.' Nick, 'We had our photographer Rob Hoffman with us, and he had his video camera so he taped the whole thing.' Joe: 'It ended with the fire department coming through with axes.'
UPDATE: Added fan pix outside JONAS NYC hotel today.

Jonas Brothers GOING SOLO After Tour

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Kevin & Joe Jonas hope to be working on solo albums after World Tour, reports Lehigh Valley Music. During a telephone news conference Wednesday, Joe said he's been collecting material for a solo album, but has no plans for its immediate release. Kevin said he'd also love to do a solo album.
Joe: 'I've been working on a lot of music personally. It's been a lot of fun for me to be able to do that. ..I'm not sure exactly when my music project will come out; I think when the time is appropriate. But hopefully the fans will receive it and like it.'
Nick said he'll do another Administration album in 'the next couple of years. I'm continuing to write things for Jonas Brothers, The Administration and other artists and there are always songs around'. Kevin, 'I absolutely would love to do something musically, as well. But it's just been an amazing year, we have a lot coming up.'

Nick said that they decided to tour without a knew record, 'we knew we had a lot of material coming out in different areas, different movie and TV projects that we had coming out that there was music involved in. And I think we just felt that after releasing four albums in about 3 1/2 years that it might be a bit of an overload'.
Kevin, 'For us, our musical journey has just been a progression. We're not trying to grow up too fast or anything , and I'm saying that even coming from being married. For us, we're growing up with our audience and growing up with the people listening to our music, as well as the people all around us that are starting to listen to our music as well.
UPDATE: Important pictures of Joe & Nick leaving Yankees game HERE.
For us, we're just making the music that we love. And of course being an artist, there's always time to try and reinvent yourself and make what you have fresh. And I think that's a goal for every artist out there. But at the same time, you want to try to stay true to who you are as people.'

Jonas Brothers Give IMPORTANT Advice

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Demi & Jonas Brothers NYC Photo Shoot

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Jonas Brothers & Family TRUMP-TASTIC

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From Dylan: My two friends and I went to the Jonas Brothers hotel in NYC today. We got there at 6 and we waited for 4 and a half hours until they came at around 10:30 with their whole family. There were a lot of people there during..
..the day, but as it got later, more people left. When they finally came out, they took pictures with everyone. They were so sweet. Tia & Tamara Mowry, Aretha Franklin and Magic Johnson were also there. Thx Molly for more pix!


Joe Jonas: Frankmusik Song is Finished!

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Máme tady novinku o Joe Jonas tak čtěte:

Joe Jonas' new sound will be very much electropop and he's already finished a song for the new album!
The 20-year-old Jonas shared with JustJareddJr, "I've been working with a bunch of artists and producers, but mostly artists. [Producer Frankmusik and I] have one song together and I'm excited!"
Joe added, "When I first started working on side project music, I've always been influenced by artists like Michael Buble who can tell stories in their vocals. I thought that might be a good place for me to go but that's not really what I do. I love to ROCK OUT, JUMP AROUND and GET THE CROWD GOING. So once I started writing, that was the feel of the record."
JJJ can't wait to rock out and jump around to Joe's new music!!!


Jonas Brothers NEW GROUP ALBUM?

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Jonas Brothers NEW GROUP ALBUM?
Jonas Brothers may put out a new group album in 2011. Nick told Billboard: 'As far as the next Jonas Brothers album, I think we're working on what that's going to sound like, just taking our time and trying to make something great, no matter what that sounds like. Hopefully 2011 is the timeline, but we're not sure just yet.
And we're in no rush. We're writing a lot of music but in no rush to release an album in any time period.' Kevin, 'Will Nick Jonas and the Administration have an effect? Potentially. Nick went on a musical journey with that album Joe and I supported, and we're so proud of that project. His influences and things he put into that may come out in new Jonas Brothers songs. We're taking that journey right now, allowing it to take as much time as is needed for it.'
Nick, 'I think we felt releasing four albums in three and a half years might be a bit of an overload.' Nick noted that the brothers did not write songs for Camp Rock 2: 'We had some songwriters listen to our music and.. write some tunes we feel we would've done anyway. There's something for everyone, there's R&B, there's hip-hop and then there's kind of our more pop-rock sound..
So many different sounds that I think will really attract people to the film. We're excited for the fans to hear it this summer.' Nick hopes to record a second Administration album, while both Joe and Kevin said they'd like to do solo projects. Joe wants to get into movies as well. Do YOU think that they will all put out solo albums or do another group album next year?
UPDATE: Joe Jonas has confirmed that he is working on a solo album. He told JustJared: 'Yeah, there's nothing to hide. We're just waiting for the right timing. There's a lot of Jonas stuff going on this year, so once there's a place for that record, we'll release it.

Nick Jonas VS. Miley Cyrus FACEOFF

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Haha oni se stejně oblíkli :D .. Podívejte se tady je fotka:       Pro koho hlasujete?? Já pro Nickapoiuzt

Nick Jonas I Get That A Lot FULL Episode

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Tady je to video jak Nick je jako prodavač a potom se ukáže těm holkám... Tady se na to podívejte:

Joe & Nick Jonas YANKEES Supporters

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Tady je dálší novinka a je tu video tak se dívejte:

Joe Jonas SOLO ALBUM in the Works — EXCLUSIVE

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Cože? Nějaká nová novinka podívejte se c se o ní píše:

Joe Jonas is working on a solo album, has confirmed.
"Yeah, there's nothing to hide," the 20-year-old Jonas Brother EXCLUSIVELY told JJJ yesterday in New York City while promoting Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. "We're just waiting for the right timing. There's a lot of Jonas stuff going on this year, so once there's a place for that record, we'll release it. You'll hear a lot of new music from us… On first!"
JJJ is SOOOOOOO excited to hear solo music from Joe Jonas. Check back tomorrow to see what kind of music Joe has been working on!

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Jonas Brothers Pucker Up, Pinch Themselves!

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Takže máme novinku... Co se oní píše:

The Jonas Brothers are photographed leaving their midtown hotel in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (May 19).
Kevin, Nick and Joe took the time to take sign autographs and take pictures with fans.
The JoBros are in town to promote their new movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, which premieres on September 3rd on Disney Channel. interviewed the boys yesterday and we got Kevin to pucker up and Nick to pinch himself. Guess why!!!

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Novinka jménem JB

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Změna.. Tento blog nebude o Nickovi ale o Jonas Brothers.... Jste rádii?
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